April 20th, 2007

The Ethics of Subservience

Alberto Gonzales's performance at yesterday's Senate hearing is a high-water mark for total subservience by any of Bush's henchman. He had to hold his hand to his heart so many times while he declared that he didn't remember whom he'd killed, it was a wonder to behold--even as he had to wipe their blood off his trousercuffs. And the moment the curtain went down Bush declared how well he'd done. The DVD of his performance should be played again each year as the first lesson in high school civics classes.

In the same day's Drudge Report a rapper with the alias of Cam-ron explained that he and all the other stand-up guys in his hood would never testify against another bro, or even report a serial killer to the police, who are the enemy. Statistics bear him out, and in placing loyalty above the truth he is only following the example of Bush and Gonzales themselves. Gangland ethics have now officially replaced morality as we once knew it. Honesty is not the best policy; it's not even a needful imposture. Deceit is now just an abbreviation for The Seat of Power. Does this seem anti-Hispanic or perhaps anti-Catholic? Not for those who aspire to power, wealth, and social recognition. What we all can learn from Alberto Gonzales is how to lick a boot squeaky-clean.

Worst of Times, Best of Times

I hear they've sent more experts up here
to help us as we face extinction,
but really, guys, we polar bears
can look out for ourselves. We've done so
for millenia. Maybe you should be
more concerned for the equator.
Rain forests are disappearing as fast
as the ice, so thousands of those species
are endangered too. Or save the whales!
The thing is, folks, we polar bears
are jealous of our privacy, especially
when we're close to death.
I know you think we're cute, but actually
we are ferocious. Blood is our favorite color.
Fresh blood on new-fallen snow: is anything nicer?
What we prize most are old Inuits,
the ones their people drive out of
their igloos to die in the cold
when they're too old to be useful chewing
caribou hide into something wearable.
You can taste the karma in their carcasses.
Why worry about extinction when there are
still meals like that to look back on?