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Illegal Immigrants

A new string simply to simplify, but basically I'm continuing my argument with John (who seems to be the only actual liberal among you!) concerning illegal aliens and whether they constitue a threat to this country or are as NPR, the Nation, and John seem to believe, needy human beings who should have our helping hand and a chance to become citizens. My own home team is Lou Dobbs at CNN at 6pm and, to my chagrin, Patrick Buchanan.

John speaks of my "weird old-tyme populism that distrusts foreigners, hates Wall Street financiers (watch out for good ol' American populist anti-Semitism there) and the Establisment." Well, yes, I do distrust many foreigners, and I could provide a long list of foreigners we would all do well to distrust, begining with Kenyans who need your Social Sec. number. People who have an eye on the money of credulous fools are always to be distrusted and that surely includes Wall Street. Heard of EnRon? That was no Jewish plot, John, and indeed in this argument anti-Semitism is a red herring, but one beloved by lefties, esp. those who want to have Israel put on trial for genocide in Lebanon. And the Establishment? Well, if that includes the White House, Senate and House of Reps, yes, I distrust them too. So it comes down to whether the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants pose a threat, and in that numbers game distrust is still in order, for the Feds' numbers are lower by a factor of 4 (10 as against 40 millions). Factor in probable birth-rates --or is that tantamount to racial prejudice? and yes, I think there is a crisis.

It may be that you feel that America has become fat and lazy during its long mid-century prosperity and that it would be only fair to share the poverty of our Southern neighbors.
The Bushes (i.e., right wing plutocrats) have long had such highborn egalitarianism. The super-rich will have their clean beaches till the Crack of Doom (coming soon) so a quicker third-worlding of the USA does not alarm them. And it shouldn't alarm me either if I were sincere about my fatalism. "Shine, Perishisng Republic" and all that jazz.

I'm not done, but it's your turn. Tell me wherein my distrust is "populist" is some foolish way.
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